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TV Comparison 

Your Unbiased Comparison Guide to buying the Best TV in 2019 Buying the best TV for your money can give jitters even to the most tech-savvy! The features, the model numbers, and the price tag are so confusing that a thorough study has a higher…


TiVO Review 

TiVO Review – Get the complete TV watching experience with TiVo Do you like the idea of watching your favorite TV shows ad-free? No doubt that most of us would love the idea. TiVo made this possible back in the late 90’s even before we…


Surge Protectors Comparison 

Protection from Fluctuation Do your gadgets suddenly stop working? Do they get burnt? The reason could be frequent power fluctuations and surges. When the voltage goes up or down, or there are sudden power surges, then there can be damage to your electronic goods. Use surge…

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Roku Streaming Stick Review 

Roku Review Roku Streaming Stick +: Unlimited Watching, Unlimited entertainment!! Do you love to watch movies and TV shows? Do you often miss out because of work and other commitments? Don’t you wish that you could watch all your favorite programs whenever you wanted? What…