Expand Your Horizon 

Do you have to drive in high traffic areas? Are you always driving with small children in the back? If vehicles driving too close give you worries, then it is time to get a good rearview mirror for your vehicle. A rearview mirror allows drivers to see what is happening in the back through the rear window. It is usually fixed to the top of the windshield, and you can adjust according to your height and requirement. It is important to have good quality rearview mirrors for safety reasons as well as to monitor the traffic around you. Here are 5 products that can be an excellent addition to your vehicle.

1. Kitbest Rear View Mirror

This is a convex mirrorand gives a wide-angle view. There are hardly any blind spots, and you get a lot of clarity. The size and design of this product make it a universal type of mirror and fit any kind of car or even trucks. It is easy to install and equally easy to remove.


The size of the mirror is 11.2*2.9 inches. The convex mirror will give a wider view. It is made of high definition glass of high quality and will provide you with great visibility. Installing it is easy, and it comes with adjustable clips. Very easy to hook it and adjust the angle.


  • High quality and HD mirror offer extreme clarity to the driver.
  • Wider angle of view will cut out the blind spots.
  • Reasonably priced and good value for money.


  • The night mode is not very good. Difficult to drive with the bright lights.
  • The vehicles in the back may look farther away than they actually are.
  • It shows more of the people sitting in the back than the road and traffic.

2. Pilot Automotive MI-009 8″ Day/Night Mirror

This mirror offers improved safety and convenience while you drive. You can adjust it easily according to your needs. It has a night glare switch, which works well at night. There is a mounting kit that comes with it and makes it easy to install. 


The dimensions of this mirror are 4.6 x 9.5 x 3.3 inches. The mirror comes with many useful features, but the best is the anti-glare feature. This is a big help when you are driving in the dark with a lot of traffic around you.


· The mounting kit makes it easy for anyone to hook it up.

· It is excellent in dark and low light conditions. 

· It gives an additional view and reduces blank spots.


· It can fall off if there are bumps or the vehicle shakes too much.

· The mounting surface is uneven and requires some effort to glue it.

· Some people complain of the mirror not being universal.

3. iJDMTOY Universal Fit JDM 300mm 12-Inch Wide Curve Clip On Rear View Mirror

This has a 300 mm wide surface, and it is quite slim. You can clip it onto the original rearview mirror with just one touch, and it is ready to use. The mirror has a high polish, which makes it reflect better and clearer. The surface has a curve which is good for catching wider angles. 


The wide-angle gets rid of all blind spots. You will get a clear and more accurate image. There are no screws or adhesives, so installing it is very easy. The clamps are rubber finish, so there are less vibration and fewer breakages.


· The price is less for a product like this. 

· It has a slim body and does not take much space.

· It gives a panoramic view of things and makes driving safe for you.


· Some people complain of the mirror having warp effects as well as dents and waves.

· The clips can break off if not appropriately put.

· Some people find it difficult to estimate how far the cars in the back are. 

4. Broadway BW847 300 Millimeter Rearview mirror

Broadway is a well-known company, and its products are always of high quality. They are almost two times brighter and give much more clarity than other mirrors in the same category. There is no distortion and no double images. 


It is a universal rearview mirror and will fit in most types of cars and vehicles. It is about 300 * 65 mm and will fit onto the existing mirror without any difficulty. It is a convex and wide mirror. It also reduces glare from the vehicles coming behind you. 


· Convex mirrors work the best and give more visibility. 

· The wide-angle of the mirror reduces blind spots.

· Very easy to install it and just needs clips. 


· Some people complain about quality, which could be due to fake products.

· For some people, the depth of the mirror may not work. It depends on a person’s eyesight and the quality of a particular piece. 

· Some people complain of feeling dizzy after using it for some time. 

5. CIPA 33000 12″ Day/Night”

This is a 12-inch mirror and is larger than the standard rearview mirrors. You can tilt it easily to reduce brightness. This is because you can fix it on a swiveling mount. You can adjust the mirror face manually between day and night for better visibility.


It is a true day and night mirror. It gives you a lot of options to fix it according to the time of the day and the traffic around you. This gives you more safety, and your eyes are not under too much strain. 


· It has FMV approved mirror, which is larger than the ones you usually find.

· It is universal and will fit easily in all types of vehicles, big or small.

· Manual switches make it easy to go from day to night settings. 


· Some people complain of distortion on one side, which can disorient a driver.

· The quality of the product, including the mirror, can be better.

· After driving over bumps, the swivel mount can bend to either left or right. 

After reading all the information, we are sure that you will make the right choice.