Roku Review

Roku Streaming Stick +: Unlimited Watching, Unlimited entertainment!!

Do you love to watch movies and TV shows? Do you often miss out because of work and other commitments? Don’t you wish that you could watch all your favorite programs whenever you wanted? What if we told you that yes it is possible and that too, easily!! Just get a Roku Streaming Stick + and watch and enjoy all the entertainment. The Roku streaming stick, as the name suggests, is a video streaming device. Roku has a number of streaming products, but the streaming stick is the most compact one that the company sells. Roku’s streaming device has always been small and deceptively simple, but the new Streaming Stick + also has better features like superior design and function.

With many new devices like Apple TV 4K and Amazon Fire TV coming into the market, it is good to remember that it was Roku, which started a revolutionary way of streaming. Despite the competition, Roku Streaming Stick + has excellent features. It is the only device to stream, in a stick shape while offering both HDR and 4 K screen option. Let us look at the features and performance.

Features and Design: Top Class!!

· It is as small as its previous versions but still manages to pack a lot of power. It fits neatly behind the TV without any problem. Roku has been a pioneer in the design of a streaming stick. Roku Streaming Stick + has a similar design. The new thing is an exclusive power cable that has an antenna. The benefit of the external antenna is the four times range it gives when compared with older versions. It also provides a better experience, that is a faster and more stable experience and takes very little time in buffering.

· The problem with this is that if the cable breaks or you lose it, then you cannot use any other USB cable. Now, Roku has decided to make cables separately available for purchase; otherwise, you would end up buying another stick.

One huge advantage that Roku has is that the Streaming Stick + is available with a remote. It has an inbuilt microphone for voice search. It also has media buttons for Netflix, Sling, Hulu, and PlayStation. It can easily control the audio and adjust it.

Operating System: At par with the best

· Roku OS 8 is a modified version and adds new services like apps and also Roku’s free streaming channel Roku TV.

· Roku provides a number of options on its platform. It offers Netflix, Amazon, YouTube, and some other options as well. It also offers audio in the form of Pandora and Spotify.

· Roku has also added its own channel, which is a free service. It has TV shows and films which are diverse and completely free.

· The Operating System has a clean and straightforward layout and a robust search platform. It is easy to find anything, and the voice search function makes it even better.

· Roku has more apps than the others in its class. It also offers the best-in-class cross-platform search.

· Roku’s My Feed and private listening features via the Roku app are exclusive to it. The most important is the Roku Channel. It is a platform for on-demand movies and TV shows.

Performance: Great with Room for Improvement                                                           

· Roku Streaming Stick + is a top-class streaming device. Going from one app to another is easy, and the videos start quickly and without any delay.

· It plays the 4 K UHD content even from a distance. It can improve the watching experience, and there are no buffering problems.

· Though its performance is great, there is one thing that could be a drawback. Roku Streaming Stick does not support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, which are new technologies. Roku should look into this.

· Another small issue that people have complained about is the pop-in issue. When you browse the menu, some things can take a little time to load.

· Roku’s home page is fully customizable, allowing you to move app tiles to taste.

· With Roku, you will not need the TV remote to adjust the volume. In tests Roku could control the volume on multiple TVs easily

· Roku can read the Extended Display Information Data (EDID) in your TV and send it to the remote for programming the volume buttons.

What We Like

We found that Roku is very strong on Apps and Search functions. It is the leader in most categories and gives you full value for your money. Most of the problems with streaming are due to poor internet connection. Roku Streaming Stick + was the first one to do something about it. They have managed to squeeze 4K HDR experience into a small device that is stable and powerful. The interface is very easy to use. The video quality is outstanding, and the response is fast. Its remote control can also adjust the volume on your TV, which makes life easy. You will not have to juggle multiple remotes.

What Needs Improvement

One thing which Roku should look into is the future competition. Right now, it is doing well and holding on to the market. However, it will have to innovate and keep up with the latest trends constantly. Problems like the proprietary cable, which has been a problem, are getting sorted out. They are already working on it and have started to offer the cables separately as well. They should also move with the times and adapt to the latest technologies like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. Roku can lose its position because competitors like Apple and Amazon are innovating and adapting faster. The menus look a bit too simple and outdated when compared with its competitors. Though the apps and search functions are great, voice support can improve.

The Bottom Line

Roku Streaming Stick + is small yet packs a punch in its compact form. It is powerful, and the external cable with the Wi-Fi antenna has a long-range. It gives you a high-quality viewing experience at an affordable price. It has a remote with some great features and can control the TV volume. This is a great feature and makes it easy to use. The Roku’s Operating System is smooth and offers excellent functions without any problems or lags. If you are searching for a streaming device with great power and range, then Roku Streaming Stick + is perfect for a great audio-visual experience. With its simple design and focus on apps and features, Roku Streaming Stick + is the one you should get..