With Live streaming on television, are we spoilt for choice?!

Remember the time when we were growing up?

There used to be only one set in the living room. If we missed an episode, we had to wait perchance for a re-telecast. And did we have the luxury of watching all the hours of the day?

Cut to today, and we have live streaming such as Roku TV, Amazon Fire Stick Streaming device, and TiVo that will let us have entertainment at the click of a button! If watching is what we love, then we have never had it going so good for us!

There are two kinds of streaming. Firstly, Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) and secondly, Transactional Video On Demand (TVOD). An example of SVOD is Netflix or Hayu or Acorn. While iTunes, Google Play, etc. can be classic examples of the latter.

There live streaming has, in the very few years’ time, gained a lot of momentum because the audiences willingly paid. They came across these as a cost-effective alternative to cable and satellite television.

It can be an exciting time, but it can be a confusing time too!

Should you go for a Roku TV that supports a Roku account, or should you stick to Amazon? Or is TiVo better on other counts?

We know how much you are looking for satisfactory answers. A thorough research and intensive survey-interview method has led us to incorporate all the data into this article. We hope that this complete guide is not just useful to you but to everyone else that needs to know.

All that you wanted to know about Roku but did not know whom to ask:

Roku TV is an intuitive and built-in user interface for smart television that comes along with TCL television sets. TCL makes internet televisions in both 1080p resolution and 4K UHD resolution. While the former is good for watching shows and movies, the 4K Ultra High Definition TV is excellent for gaming.

The question that is frequently asked is why anyone would want to buy an integrated TV set instead of purchasing a standard TV set and a set-top box. There is not going to be any steep differences in price between the two choices.

Roku employees say that it is all about responding to the call of modernization and a bid to keeping things rudimentarily simple for its viewers. Now it is so easy to start the TCL TV and then begin watching Blu ray or even plug in Xbox.

It is easier to update automatically:

Live streaming channels like Netflix and others are continuously improving their services, and the advantage of having a built-in user interface in the TV itself is that the updates can take place automatically as and when they happen.

The Roku Remote:

That Rokubelieves in making life very simple is apparent from its intuitive interface as much as from its remote. There are no buttons on the remote. The input buttons dominate the face of the remote. The power and the volume buttons are on the side. It is so easy to surf and settle for the show that you want to watch that you are done choosing and settling down on the couch even before the corn in your oven completely pops!

The Roku account:

Setting up a Roku account is very simple. As soon as you unbox your TCL and set it up, you can activate your Roku account from your phone. Setting up a Roku account is completely free. If there is anyone who tells you that you need to pay for the account is either ill-informed or lying!

Watch more than 5000+ movies and shows while paying only a small subscription. With Roku, we know that your days and nights will be filled with entertainment galore.

How Does Amazon Fire Stick Stand In comparison With Roku TV?

You thought Amazon was only an e-commerce site with retail business on its horizon?!

Not really!

Amazon has always portrayed immense interest in the live streaming industry. A few years ago, Amazon Prime had created quite a lot of noise in the market. With Amazon Firestick, it has become only more popular thanks to its affordable pricing and impressive streaming quality.

What exactly is the Amazon Fire Stick?

Amazon Firestick is

  • Powerful media streaming device
  • It plugs into the HDTV of the television set
  • It allows the customers to access internet content
  • Be it movies, shows, application or games

The fire stick closely resembles a huge flash drive/pen drive.

They say with time; hardware has only become smaller and smarter. Amazon fire stick is a classic example of this. You would have never imagined that a small device that only resembles a flash drive is capable of streaming hundreds and thousands of your favorite shows.

The Quad-core processor:

This is a big draw. It is because of its advanced Quad-core processor, that it supports high-speed internet broadband and wifi services.

Voice-controlled remote control:

We are in awe of its voice-controlled remote. It offers language support in English and other languages too. The intuitive search and search with voice commands are the best way to search internet content to watch.

Do we need a subscription to watch?

Yes, a subscription to Amazon Prime is a sine quo none, and the charges can be credited from and to your amazon pay account.

How to set up your Amazon Account:

Like we said already, an amazon account is a must to be able to enjoy the content streamed on your TV through the fire stick. If you do not have an amazon account, you will find an easy step by step to set up an Amazon Account.

The Amazon account is also a necessity because the stick provides Prime content only primarily.

Here is how you can get started:

  1. Connect the power cord/adaptor to the Fire Stick Device
  2. Plug the other end of the fire stick to the HDMI in the TV set
  3. Switch on the TV
  4. Select HDMI Input that you connected the fire stick to
  5. You will see the Fire TV logo on the television screen
  6. Pair your voice-controlled remote
  7. Follow the step by step instructions on the screen to connect your television to the internet or Wifi.
  8. Tadaa!

The setup is easy peasy. But in case you face any difficulty, you could take help from the tech support desk.

Do we recommend Amazon Fire Stick to Everyone?

This has been asked so many times before. Amazon Firestick looks neat and oh so trendy, but it does have its shortcomings. The fire stick cannot mirror the tablet PC or your phone the way Chromecast does. This could be a significant drawback if you care.

Other features of the Amazon Fire Stick:

-Loads of content to watch, ranging from flicks to shows to sports. Also pairing up applications such as Prime, Hotstar, Youtube, and Gaana is possible

-Easy to set up; easy to use is the mantra. The fire stick comes pre-registered and so the users have to plug in and use. There is no need to register the device.

-Parental control is a must if you have children who may access mature content. A PIN can be set up on the device which will lock the mature content

-all the content displays maturity ratings

-data usage is displayed

-viewers can select their viewing quality to manage their data usage

-data alerts can be set up on the stick too.

TiVo – what is it? And how does it stand in relation to the above two?

TiVo is a DVR or Digital Video Recorder. It uses computer technology to save and record just like how we used VCRs not so long ago! Along with this, the DVRs have some amazing functions that make them so much more superior to the VCRs. In a way, they are revolutionary because they work in conjunction with satellite and cable tv networks.

How does TiVo Work?

The stuff works by storing the content/movie/show as digital information in a binary form. It is therefore stored as 1s and 0s much the same way as information is stored in the computer’s hard drive.

The show is also saved on the computer’s hard drive in that form until it is ready to be viewed. It can be viewed as many times and can be played-replayed as much as the viewer wants.

The secret behind the high definition streaming of the movie and the show is that the hard drive of the computer is much more efficient in storing the content than the old cassette tapes of yore.

Also, space is so much more!

TiVois capable of storing 100 times more content than its previous generation tools and devices. That does make it a smart choice for today’s viewers!

TiVo’s USP:

TiVo touts itself to be the ultimate in entertainment experiences. It is true that much of our time today while watching is consumed in choosing what we want to watch. We keep going back and forth with all the choices that we have and in the end, are left with so little time actually to spend watching!

It is the simplified approach to watching exactly what we are in a mood too! Leaving aside scrolling and swiping, it makes sure that we spend quality time watching when we want to.

How to connect to TiVo:

TiVo needs to be connected to the TV and the cable box, just like how we needed to connect to the VCRs. A coaxial cable will need to connect to the satellite feed, and the other end of the cable will be connected to the television. The Cable Feed and the Television can also be connected alternatively with an RCA a/v cables and HDMI cables for High Definition broadcasting.

A phone line is needed nevertheless:

TiVo additionally will need to be connected to your phone line because it receives instructions and upgrades from it. Let us assure you that the connection will not affect or interfere with the normal functions of your fixed landline.

You never thought you could pause live TV. Did you?

Tivo streaming works much the same way as our VCR. It allows for searching the content and being able to rewind, fast forward, pause or stop it midway and resume some other search!

Surprisingly, it also allows for the same function for live TV streaming. You could pause up to one hour before you can get yourself free and start to watch your shows again!

With so much that it comes with, here are some additional cool features of Tivo:

  1. With Tivo, you can watch one show while recording the second one
  2. Tivo can even tape two consecutive shows if you like it to
  3. It has an intuitive favorite button that analyses your feed and chooses the show it thinks you will enjoy more
  4. It follows the pay per view that has contractual agreements with Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube also allowing you to access content from them
  5. It has a USB port and A HDMI port that can help to transfer the recorded shows to your computer or your other devices, such as an iPod.
  6. You can even schedule shows for later if you think you may not be able to watch it when it is streamed live.

There you are!

All three options and all so different!

Which one is better than the other is a subjective topic. Perhaps you have a 4K Smart television, and you prefer to Roku, or you’re a diehard Amazon Content fan, and you would rather buy a device and stream the content on your television.

TiVo may be the best option for you in case you like more control over choosing your kind of shows. You may want to record them to watch them later or pause a while till you fetch the baby from the school and then settle down again in your spot.

With technology, everything is possible. We only think that you need to make an informed choice so that you are happy with the choice you make even after some time.