TiVO Review – Get the complete TV watching experience with TiVo

Do you like the idea of watching your favorite TV shows ad-free? No doubt that most of us would love the idea. TiVo made this possible back in the late 90’s even before we were introduced to the world of online streaming and watching. From then on, TiVo became a household name and changed the way people watched TV. TiVo was the first of its kind and introduced viewers to the novel concept of digital video recording. Today, entertainment is in your palms, Thanks to Smartphones and Tablets. Yet, this once disruptive service in the entertainment sector continues to be a popular option. Thanks to the company’s efforts in integrating with the latest technology and trends.

This detailed article will take you through all the features, the good and not so good sides of this digital video recording (DVR) service, and their latest upgrades. Let’s make a humble start by getting to know what DVR in TiVo actually offers you.

What is TiVo?

TiVo is the first digital video recording service that came into existence in 1990. It allowed users to record TV shows and store them to watch later. What made their services different is the ability to skip commercials while recording. It provided a complete watching experience minus the commercials. This groundbreaking technology in the entertainment industry sure brought up similar competitors. However, TiVo continues to enjoy a favorable position when compared to the regular DVR add-ons provided by the cable service providers.

Key Features

What is that TiVo offers that it continues to be one of the most sought-after DVR services? Let’s take a quick look at the distinct features

  • Easy User interface – TiVo strives a lot on improving and providing a simple user interface. It provides the ultimate TV watching experience in a few easy steps. In addition to the great visuals, the service also considers audio cues and distinct sounds to make your watching experience real and comprehensive. You also have the liberty to do away with those extra channels that are lying untouched, thus providing you a manageable number of channels to scroll through.
  • Tuners – These accessories of DVR are the best way to access all the content on your TV. TiVo offers two types of set-top boxes with different tuning and storage capabilities. Users can choose based on how much content they would want to record. Users can store up to 450 hours of HD content with the version that comes with 6 tuners. This version can also record a maximum of 6 shows at the same time. You also have other versions with four tuners that provide up to 150 hours of HD content.
  • Remote – It is often the most neglected accessory. But, TiVo has applied its innovative approach in designing its own remote as well. Yes, you heard it right, the out of box peanut-shaped remote is designed specifically to highlight the unique features offered by TiVo. Continuous upgrades have taken place to make sure this device is as user-friendly and comfortable to use.
  • Better control on iPad – Though initially designed to work with your Television, changes in technology and user preferences have made TiVo adapt itself to other streaming devices. It works a lot better when used in conjunction with your iPad. You can set to record your favorite shows, jump to any part of the recording without having to rewind or fast forward. The on-screen typing also allows making the search faster and effective.
  • One box for all your subscription content – TiVo is perhaps the only DVR that can be used for recording the content not only on your regular channels but also on your other subscriptions such as Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu Plus. You get access to all the content you have subscribed to with one box.
  • Better search options – Access to all of the content is definitely a great feature in the DVR, but what makes your watching experience more exceptional is the robust search options to get you to the content you are looking for. You can search the content you want, and it will give you a grid list of each episode and where to look for it, whether on TV, Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu.
  • Best second screen experience – Since TiVo knows your user preferences, you will not be required to sign in into the shows, unlike other DVR systems. You can also pull up additional details of shows like the stars, actors and their bio, etc.
  • Speed watching – It provides the option wherein you can run through some of the shows or news which are essential but moves slowly.

Various Option on TiVo

TiVo offers different types of boxes to cater to your needs. It has the following choices.

  • Bolt Vox – This is the main version that comes with two different options. The two models differ from each other based on the numbers of tuners and storage capacities.
  • 3TB Bolt Vox with six tuners
  • Bolt Vox version with 4 tuners comes with 500GB and 1TB storage capacity.
  • Over the Air version, Romaio OTA is for those that have dedicated HD antenna for getting their local channels.
  • TiVo Mini Vox is the one that can be used with more than one TV and offers the same features as Bolt Vox.

What does it cost to have TiVo?

While you have many options to choose from, please be informed that you will have to use these in conjunction with your cable services unless you have an HD antenna. There is a one-time cost that you will incur when you have to buy the set-top box where you might end up spending a maximum of $500. You will also have to pay an annual subscription based on the services you avail. Check if you have the offer of a one-year subscription on purchase of the box.

If you are wondering if it is worth it to invest in TiVo, think about the benefits and the flexibility it offers to your TV watching experience, especially in this busy world where you might not always find time to watch live shows or programs at the time they air.